• Php
  • Python
  • Percona Xtradb Cluster
  • Cassandra
  • Juniper
  • Redis
  • Elastic Stack
  • Ddos Protection is an advertising network based on links with real-time fraud detection system and real-time bidding platform (RTB). serves more than 200M ad impressions a month and has 0.5B links shared over the web. Traceroute42 designed made to measure Multi DC physical + cloud architecture, provides managed services, 24h/7 monitoring and intensively supports the DevTeam of offers two services: Miner and Links

With Miner users can make money while they do not use their PCs. The application allows users to use their CPU and GPU to generate passive income and earn with!

With Links users are able to make money by shortening and sharing shortened links, as well as by inviting new users.

“With almost 1M registered users, 200M ad impressions a month, half a billion links shared over the web and real-time computing systems, our top priority is to provide high-availability of our service. Traceroute42 is a great support in terms of infrastructure and application design, maintenance and monitoring. Engineers from Traceroute42 team up with our developers and help in creating new functionalities and applying new solutions.”
Kornel Szwaja, CEO,