Does your organisation require an expert to review the infrastructure code and cloud usage?

Don’t panic, we can provide a specialist to perform an audit of your infrastructure and cloud usage.

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What insights can you gain?

The expert will address the most crucial questions about your infrastructure.

Is your infrastructure easily maintainable and scalable?

Does your organization use cybersecurity best practices?

Does the architecture design consider the long term impact?

What does the audit consist of

Audit the code/configurations that generated your infrastructure.

We will look through your code base:

  • Terraform
  • Cloudformation
  • Kubernetes setup: Kops, EKS, GKE, AKS, Kube-AWS

Auditing each layer of the cloud stack

  • Cloud usage
  • VPC
  • Kubernetes clusters
  • Kubernetes deployment definitions

Access to an environment

Give us access to an environment and we will be able to perform additional checks on what was instantiated. This could be the production or pre-production environment, as long as it represents something similar to the environment you want to use.

The dedicated expert will go through what was instantiated and provide recommendations on which areas can use improvements.

Audit Follow Up

We will schedule a one on one conversation, and go over the report on the audit performed on your code base and the running environment. We will explain in detail what each item means and why we are recommending a change here. This is also your time to ask an expert any general questions you or your team might have.