TraceRoute42 is a team of experienced and qualified open-source, Linux, DevOps and Cloud engineers.

Based on over a decade of co-op experience with teams of different sizes and projects in various life-cycle stages, we proactively provide custom support models. Whether you are a startup or a full-fledged enterprise, we can partner with you to solve your problems and fulfil your individual needs.

  • Dedicated and seasoned team
  • Ability to save in-house resources
  • Continuous support
  • No service interruptions
  • Partnership model
  • Fast results
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TraceRoute42 Sp. z o.o.
Al. Piastow 22,
71-064 Szczecin,

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We are located in the heart of Europe:
- 150 km from Berlin, Germany
- 50 km from Goleniów Airport (direct connections to London, Liverpool, Dublin, Bergen, Oslo and Warsaw)

Time zone: UTC/GMT +2


Can TraceRoute42 work remotely with a company where most employees work at a central office?

Yes! We have actually completed multiple successful projects working fully remotely.

We strive to become a part of your team, rather than a third party service provider.

In order to achieve that we use Slack, Jira and Google Hangouts for a smooth and seamless communication and cooperation.

What are the benefits of TraceRoute42 being a remote Consulting company?

We are unaffected by the events occuring in your office, hence our productivity is on a constant level.

As an external part of your team, we can assist you in moving important projects forward without being affected and slowed down by the day-to-day operations.

We work when you need us to, not limited with working hours (unlike regular employees).

We are flexible - you determine how much help you need from us, and the framework of our cooperation. We can do things for you, but we can also serve by lending our expertise and providing relevant training to your team.

Can TraceRoute42 work from our offices?

We can do parts of the project, like hands-on training, from your offices. We approach each client individually, contact us and together we’ll be able to figure out the best course of action.

How are you different from outsourcing teams?

We are a remote consulting company, not an outsourcing agency.

We don’t bodylease people - nor do we like to work as an external team. Instead, we strive to lead the project for you while embedding ourselves into your existing team.

We manage communication and project management during the entire project. Thanks to this approach you don’t need to worry about how to manage a new remote workforce with all its language and cultural differences.