• Kubernetes on premises
  • Helm
  • Search engine
  • Percona Xtradb cluster
  • Redis
  • Rabbitmq
  • Php
  • React.js

IAMIP application is run on a Kubernetes cluster. CI/CD processes are supported by Gitlab pipelines and are fully integrated with Kubernetes. As a part of the infrastructure TraceRoute42 is maintaining an Elasticsearch cluster comprising of 15 Nodes, where 16 terabytes of documents are stored.

IAMIP platform is an easy-to-use patent and monitoring software with efficient functionality.

In 2013 IAMIP finally decided to realize the dream of revolutionizing the intellectual property industry with the help of digitalization and big data functionality. They decided to revolutionize intellectual property in the same way Google did to Search and the Encyclopaedia world.

IAMIP's patent software has a proprietary patent database with more than 100 million individual patents from around the world and they are adding up to 100.000 new patent publications every week.

The platform offers the following features:

  • EXPLORE & EXTRACT - Access the world’s patent databases and extract business intelligence
  • FULL TRACEABILITY - Assign tasks, follow up and access the complete history of a document
  • DYNAMIC COLLABORATION - Empower your organization to increase awareness and exchange insights
  • TRACK & ACT - Track market and technology trends in real time and secure your freedom to operate
  • ANALYTICS - Visualize and identify key competitors, technologies, markets and make strategic decisions accordingly
“Cooperation with Traceroute 42 is helping IamIP fulfilling our mission for almost three years. As a SaaS platform, we are facing a lot of infrastructure challenges, with Traceroute 42 we have access to expert knowledge and experience in that area. This partnership allowed us to build a stable and scalable solution for our customers.”
Wojciech Nowicki, CTO, IamIP